Jiangsu Hecheng Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Hecheng Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Our Products

Our products fall into three categories, i.e. Evaporation & Concentration Equipment, Towers & Columns and Filtration Equipment, which can be widely used in the field of raw materials, biopharmaceuticals, Chinese medicine extraction, chemical, environmental protection and other fields. We have more than 40 kinds of products, including MVR evaporator, continuous evaporation crystallization system, hard water evaporator, falling film evaporator, biological fermentation equipment, 3-in-1 filtering and drying machine, distillation column, absorption tower, reactors, pressure tanks, etc.

About Us

Hecheng is a company specialized in manufacturing technology-based pharmaceutical and chemical equipment, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters. Since its establishment, Hecheng has been adhering to the concept of innovation and excellence, won the trust of our global customers, and thrived in the competitive market.

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